What do you know about energy efficient windows? Here are some major details about energy-efficient windows

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While considering to upgrade or in case you are building a new home, choosing the right windows is a critical step.

Gone are the days when people are more interested in style and look of the windows today, you have a lot of other factors to looks for while selecting the window especially if you are super energy-conscious and your main concern is to minimize the heating and cooling cost of your household then energy-efficient windows could be the best deal for you in many ways.it saves you from extreme weather condition, increase the comforts level inside the house, and  less energy consumption means it lowers the greenhouse gas emissions and keep the environment safe

Design Options


There are many points while discussing the type of windows for energy efficiency, the first point is the design of the window itself. It is usually based on the aesthetic choice of the homeowner and the style of the home

Casement windows

This is the Most commonly used design of the window and these are mostly used in climates where the wind is a problem. For  energy efficiency, their tighter seal give these windows a clear advantage over other design of the windows

Sliding windows

These type of windows are ideal for wide spaces and are also very common, it can be energy efficient by  selecting the right glass choice for sliding windows

Double hung windows

These are the traditional type of windows but are not the best choice in extreme climate and double hung windows can be energy efficient with an organ gas filled


Choosing the frame material

After choosing the basic design and functionality of your window now its time to know about the frame material there are many types of materials available with positive and negative aspects  and you have to choose according to your budget, style, and environment



Wood frame is always considered to be less prone to heat and cold these frames always require maintenance and if you choose the quality species of wood then it works well for long period of time and always remains in a good shape and it is costly than other types of frames



It is the most affordable choice for windows  frame and can be the best choice for energy efficient if properly insulated and well constructed

Vinyl  doesn’t require maintenance cost and is limited in colors



It is the commonly used option of many builders due to its strength and durability plus it is less expensive and has a low maintenance cost.

Aluminum was considered to be the least energy efficient but using thermal break technology it can be the highest energy efficiency.

Fiber Glass.

This is the best choice for you if you are taking energy efficiency very seriously

It is considered to be durable and stable material for windows frame and it also requires a small maintenance cost


Choosing the right Glazing

Glazing is the most important component to consider while looking for energy efficient windows. There is  a wide variety of glass configuration and coating which plays a big role in energy efficiency


Double Glazed windows

These windows have two layers of glass with a space in between that is vacuum sealed and can be inflated  with the gas like argon-filled, it provides an insulation barrier to keep the heat in


Triple Glazed windows

It has three layers of glass and is more suitable if you are living in harsh  winter climates