What are the important things to consider before installing a solar panel

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Installation of a solar panel to the roof of your home and business is the best option to generate electricity,  it may seem expensive but you can save a good amount of money later from your energy bills, and in this way you are also helping the planet by decreasing the number of  carbon footprints in the environment

It is the big decision one have to make and is becoming more popular with the passage of time.

Before going ahead do your research right,  and consider the different factors involved in the installation of solar panel

The weather

Sunlight plays a vital role in this kind of energy conservation because you need  direct sun exposure for a solar panel to save the energy and if you can not get enough amount of it then you should consider other sources for energy

Right roof

Not every roof is supporting the solar panel because it comes in  various sizes and forms, before installing the panel, you should assess your roof whether it will be suitable structurally or not

Placement of the panel also needs to be considered it should be in the right angle or orientation so that it can  get the maximum sunlight

And if you planning to upgrade your roof in future then it is not the right time for installation of a solar panel because it will be difficult for you to get them off and replace your roof

Energy Consumption


Energy Consumption of every household is different, understand the usage of electricity if you consume less energy then the small solar panel will work best  for you and if the consumption rate is high then you need a large solar panel system to achieve your requirement, it is important to monitor the total energy consumption of your household  and plan accordingly for solar installatio

Types of solar panels

There are Two solar technologies available

Photovoltaic: Use arrays of cells to convert sunlight into electricity

Thermal: Use sunlight to heat air or water for internal use, it is suitable in situations where you need a lot of energy for heating and is rarely used for homes

And there are two types of solar panel


Polycrystalline and monocrystalline

Polycrystalline are cheaper than monocrystalline and it works well in Pakistan because we receive good sun exposure and if you want better performance then monocrystalline will generate greater yield.




Warranty details

To protect your solar panels and other equipment always ask for warranty certificate it will help you  in future in case of any issue and malfunction and keep the manufacturer responsible for any mishap