What are the advantages of buying Off-plan property ??

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Buying off-plan means to invest in property that is under construction or before it’s been constructed since investment on the property is the biggest decision one have to make and if you want to achieve the highest  return by using the easiest approach of Investment then buying off-plan property is the best way and it can be really beneficial in many ways


Here are a few advantages of why you should buy under-construction property


Small Initial deposit and staggered payment

One of the advantages of buying an off-plan property is it allows you to secure the purchase by depositing initially below the market value and by paying the remaining amount on installments. It helps the investors to purchase property with a small deposit and also supports you to arrange your finance together and pay your outstanding payment as the construction of property  progresses

And it also helps the developers to sell the maximum  number of units before the completion of construction and you get the benefits of buying property with a not significantly large deposit and release the remaining in staggered  payment

Highest capital growth

The other attraction of buying off-plan property is capital growth that expands from the  planning stage of construction through to its final completion, the market value of your property increases  than its original price as the construction progresses

What usually happens is that the developer normally  offers the investor a purchase price which is below the market value to attract many clients  and you get the chance to lock-in your purchase by depositing lower than its real value or in discounted price, and it continues to increase in value as the development progress  and if you buy in its earlier stage then you will gain maximum profit once the construction complete.

It shows that buying off-plan property has the highest potential for capital appreciation than the traditional purchase of the property.


New property

Property that you purchased off-plan is brand new with all the contemporary amenities and also built by using the latest material and equipment  which indicates there will be no maintenance and up gradation cost, any time soon and everything is just perfect and brand new, purchasing off the plan also saves your time and money in many ways



Sometimes your developer allows you to customize your property according to your choice and specification and when you buy it with the trusted developer who has the reputation of constructing a quality  building then you get the chance to meet your expectation and they also provide you a chance to watch the construction of your property

As a buyer, you should work out and check the history of your developer before signing up and inquire  about any terms and conditions and also review paperwork before accepting a contract if you do it adequately  then you get all the perks of buying off plan property