Tips for Decorating Your Apartment

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There is no lack of apartment decorating ideas, but ultimately, the apartment’s layout will determine what works best for your home. Is this a small apartment that you want to make bigger? Or a more spacious area that requires additional windows. Although you likely won’t be able to make any major structural changes to your rental as a tenant, that doesn’t mean you can’t make subtle yet noticeable changes to your home’s decor. The mood of a room can be altered significantly by merely changing the arrangement of a few accessories, such as table lamps, window treatments, and wall art.

8 Tips for Apartment Decorating

It’s crucial to know what furniture and decor pieces complement one another and make a big impact in your apartment before you start decorating. Looking to improve your living space? Consider the following apartment decorating suggestions.

1. Select furniture that is the right size.

You’ll have to put off your fantasies of a huge, comfy sectional sofa until you get your place. For an apartment, it’s best to avoid oversized pieces that may not fit in the space, as well as those that are too big or too little, and throw the room’s balance off. Decorating using furniture that has beautiful, substantial, or eye-catching legs is a great option for those who live in smaller apartments. In contrast to pieces that rest directly on the floor, those supported by legs encourage the viewer’s gaze to move past the furniture’s overall form and into the room beyond. Tables made of glass or mirrors help to reflect light and create the illusion of more space.

2. Choose colors and patterns with attention.

Create a sense of individuality in even a small apartment by decorating each room differently. Establish individual rooms with their vibe by painting and decorating them in a different color schemes. Make everything flow together by painting or wallpapering each area in a different variation of a central theme or color scheme. For instance, the silver piping on a decorative pillow would go well with a slate shower curtain, and the same goes for the wood grain on your nightstand and coffee table in the living room. Incorporating even a few cohesive elements into your apartment’s design will help the area feel more integrated and comfortable.

3. Pick a statement piece.

A large, colorful area rug or a beautifully painted bookcase can be a focal point in your apartment, drawing attention away from less desirable features (such as a wall-mounted, overstuffed dresser). One option for making a big design statement is to paint contrasting wall colors.

4. Make good use of storage.

If you have to choose between a piece of cute furniture and one with lots of storage space, choose the latter. It would help if you got inventive with how you use your closet space. You can hide your clutter and keep things looking nice with the help of collapsible furniture, stackable or hidden storage, shelving, and pegboards. By reducing the number of unnecessary items in your apartment, you’ll be able to make better use of your space and devote more attention to its aesthetics.

5. Utilize mirrors.

It’s a good idea to use mirrors while decorating an apartment. Mirrors increase the apparent size of a room by reflecting light. You may make a tiny dining room or washroom seem more open and airy by hanging a mirror opposite a window. Large mirrors reflect light to illuminate dark corners and provide the illusion of a higher ceiling.

6. Rework built-ins.

Hiding pipes or ugly wires can be done with accessories or do-it-yourself coverings. An outdated wall heater can be hidden behind a stylish grate, and a framed photograph can mask an unused electrical socket.

7. Create visual separation using an area rug.

Try using area rugs to create the illusion of several rooms in a small apartment with an open layout. When you set a rug in front of your sofa, it marks where people congregate to watch TV or chat, whereas a rug under a bed distinguishes the sleeping and living areas. Although physical partitions can be used to create defined areas, placing down an area rug is a much less complicated alternative.

8. Use lights effectively.

Investing in well-placed lighting can make a difference if your room is windowless or otherwise dull. Using a combination of task, overhead, table lighting, and a few strategically placed candles can soften the environment and set the mood. Lamps should be doubled or tripled to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

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