Reasons to buy home and invest in sector B-17 Islamabad | Cloud Tower-1

B17 Islamabad

The growth of the property sector in B-17 Islamabad is expanding at a rapid pace. Increased property demand and high-profit investments are the main underlying reasons for this growing trend. Many new sectors are being developed, including the B-17 sector in Islamabad. MPCHS started the B-17 project after experiencing impressive success in previous projects.  B-17 is a CDA-approved society…

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How to Avoid Fraudulent Activity While Buying Property in Pakistan

The real estate market of Pakistan is at its peak of growth. But just like any other growing market, the Pakistani real estate business is facing the proliferation of unprofessional real estate agents and many fraudulent activities. Nowadays, fraudsters and scammers are constantly on the lookout for new ways to deceive people for personal gain. Whether you want to…

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Forecast for Pakistan Real Estate in Next Decade

Pakistan Real Estate

Land plays an important part in the development of society. If the general population has access to adequate housing, they are more likely to participate in their communities socially as well as economically. Pakistan Islamabad real estate industry is rapidly evolving, with new technologies, buyer-agent connections, and new-age groups entering the market. When we think about Pakistan Islamabad real…

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2022 Real Estate Property Predictive Forecast

In recent years, the Pakistan real estate business has experienced significant changes and uncertainties. The real estate market has gone through many challenges due to economic, political, and financial factors. The global pandemic in 2019 severely jolted almost every sector. On the other hand, it turned out to be a remarkable year for the real estate sector and 2021…

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