Smart & Ample Indoor Parking Area | Cloud Tower-1

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If you own a car, a dedicated parking space is an important factor to consider when buying an apartment in an apartment complex. Even if you don’t own a car right now, you could perhaps be planning to buy one in the future and a parking slot would be reassuring.

Parking away from your home can be inconvenient and costly, but it may be inevitable if your building does not have a parking lot. Moreover, in countries like Pakistan, where vehicle parking space has become a big problem, it has become very important to avoid the wastage of space in modern big apartment complexes etc. To overcome this situation, Cloud Tower-1 in MPCHS Islamabad has introduced a multi-story spacious parking space. A parking area that stretches over four floors and is only reserved for our residents. It is designed and constructed to be attractive, safe, and above all, easily and efficiently usable. Cloud Tower-1 parking lot has brightly lit entrance areas, safe vehicle retrieval processes and reduced car fumes as the search for a parking area is effectively eliminated. It also provides protection from severe damage to automobiles caused by harsh weather. It is also easy to access your vehicle and the lot can handle almost all vehicle types. Our indoor parking systems offer residents a valet experience, just without the valet.

Cloud Tower-1 has installed a smart, dynamic and secure parking management system for all the residents to ensure their safety and convenience, and to reduce the possibility of any untoward incident. The Cloud Tower-1 parking lot management system uses a smart card or ticket to identify the vehicles exiting or entering the parking lot. These security cards prevent any theft or unauthorized access to the parking area facility of Cloud Tower-1, MPCHS Islamabad.

Additional benefits of Cloud Tower-1 indoor parking lot are:

  • Protection from the pollution

  • UV protection

  • No chances of vandalism

  • Better fuel efficiency

  • Safe from theft

  • Longer engine life

  • Extra storage space

  • 24/7 availability of spot

The car parking area is quite spacious and can accommodate an estimated 450 cars. Our new indoor parking garage will optimize the use of valuable parking space, enhance the resident’s experience and create long term flexibility. Moreover, CCTV cameras are installed to cover every inch of the parking area to ensure our residents’ vehicle safety. Our 24/7 support team is always available to quickly resolve any issues that do arise, reducing our residents’ parking headaches and keeping their safety and comfort a top priority at all times.

Cloud Tower-1 has placed a lot of importance on the convenience of our residents and has provisioned a unique indoor Parking lot aiming to offer a well-rounded experience in Islamabad real estate.

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