Project Intro


Cloud Tower-1 by The Cloud Services is a big name contributing in Islamabad Real Estate. It is a 27 floor Apartment Building on 12 Kanal piece of land located perfectly at Block-G of Sector B-17, Multi Gardens,MPCHS Islamabad.
Comprising of Studio, 1, 2, 3 bed and Penthouse / Duplex Apartments.
It will spread over an area of 860,000 sq. ft. Including over 14,000 sq. ft. area planned for Gym.
4 floors reserved for car parking.
We will be offering such facilities which are available in very few apartment/residential buildings in Islamabad. Cloud Tower-1 apartments & flats for sale in Islamabad on installments.

Scenic Views:

  • 90% bedrooms & all living rooms have one full wall comprising of huge glass windows.
  • All passages will end at large glass windows.
  • Main passage of each floor will have a 42-foot-wide huge window showing a beautiful view to residents and visitors passing through.

Community Living:

  • Our services cater to residents of all ages.
  • 14,000 sq. ft. separate gym for both ladies and gents.
  • Prayer Hall for 165 people with separate ablution area.
  • Senior Citizens Lounge, where older people can socialize with each other.
  • Community hall (for your events) especially for our residents.
  • Building Management and Building Association offices
  • 24 hours Pharmacy with doctor available
  • Day Care Center
  • Indoor Play Area
  • Outdoor play areas for children, 60ft above from road.


  • Two pools of lifts comprising of total 10 lifts (including two cargo lifts) exclusively for residents.
  • 4 floors reserved for car parking only.
  • Separate parking and drop lanes. Separate path for cargo decks and garbage collection with visiting driver’s rooms.

Privacy & Security:

  • Windows/Entrance doors are not facing other apartments.
  • Separate lobbies for studio, one bed lounges and 2, 3 bed apartments.
  • Windows will have a distance of 42 feet between them and an angular opening and wide view.
  • Emergency Exits after every 60 feet
  • CCTV Surveillance and Security at Apartment Lobbies

Permanent Residence:

  • Apartments are designed with terraces, store rooms, service balconies, spacious rooms and, living rooms.
  • Minimum room size in each apartment is 12 x 14 feet.
  • Every room will have wardrobes spaces.

Energy Efficiency:

  • Windows at the end of every passage and a 42 feet wide window in the main passage.
  • Double glazed windows with Argon gas filling
  • Day light harvesting
  • Cross ventilation
  • Rain water harvesting

Smart Building:

  • Smart lights and smart fans in common areas
  • Smart entrances, solar powered lights in open air spaces will also be placed.
  • Smart apartment solutions, which will help to save money as well as the environment

Voice & Data Connectivity:

  • Introduced for the first time in any residential building of the country.
  • Fiber connectivity will be installed on all floors of the building.
  • In-building solutions for better mobile phone coverage are being introduced.

Rooftop Restaurant, Observatory & Sky walk:

  • Rooftop restaurant is being introduced for the very first time in Pakistan.
  • Observatory
  • Sky walk