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StormFiber Launched Fiber Network Internet in Multi-Garden B17

Storm Fiber (Powered by Cybernet) Launched in B-17 Pakistan’s most reliable Fiber network provider which is a glass based medium and superior to both conventional wireless and copper based wired mediums. Their infrastructure allows internet signals to be broadcast till your home through its fiber optic structure. So, Recently StormFiber has announced to launch of its 100% fiber network…

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Happy Mothers Day

happy mothers day

Mother is a hero, your mentor, your inspiration, your influencer and mother is the one that’s always got your back. When someone means so much, it can be hard to find the right words to express what is the mother for us. “A mother’s love endures through all.” By Washington Irving Wish you a very Happy Mothers Day from…

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Margalla Avenue Project

Margalla Avenue

Now you will be able to reach Cloud Villas, Cloud Mall and Cloud Tower-1, B-17 within 10 minutes from D-12 through Margalla Highway. Margalla Avenue would be a beneficial project for B-17 Multi-Gardens as well such as: Create more job opportunities with the development of new industries. Reduce travel time from sector D-12 to D-17 and B-17. Investment in…

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Labor Day

Cloud Villas team wish you all a very Happy Labor Day. “Labor Day is a reminder that we must respect, honor, and celebrate the hard work of all those who work day and night for the development of our country.” Best wishes to all the hard-working labors of our country.

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